Minister smoking is unaccepted

NGO News Report :: Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA) is upset, hurts as our Social Welfare Minister Mr. Mohsin Ali MP smoke cigarette on stage, in-front of children in a event yesterday.

We are ashamed! This is not only violation of law, it is also violation of his oath and constitution. However, morally smoking is dishonorable and bad-mannered.

Although, minister is already apologies for his unaccepted deeds, which already comes in news media. Minister himself ashamed. He realized that it was his unconscious mind what he did. He also committed that he will never do such act for ever. He requests nations to forgive him for his mis-deed.

BATA appreciate his understanding. At the same time, we hope that minister will maintain what he committed and will obey the tobacco control law. BATA also hope that he will join tobacco control movement to get back his honor, what he lost.

It is noted that, smoking is prohibited in public places and public transports and also it is punishable offence by law titled “Smoking and Tobacco Products Uses (control) (Amendment) Act 2013”. And law should be equal for everyone.

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