Mounting Pressure from G77 and China to adopt UN International Tax Body

Civil society in Addis AbabaNGO News Report :: Civil society delegates Bangladesh Govt delegation in FfD conference in Addis Ababa. Mounting Pressure from G77 and China to adopt UN International Tax Body and Sustainable Debt Management.

Addis Ababa 14th July 2015. On the second day of FFD Conference the civil society delegation from Bangladesh Mr Asgar Ali Sabri of Action Aid Bangladesh, Mr Mohshin Reza of Bangladesh Teachers Association and Mr Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD / COAST meet the leader of Bangladesh government delegation, the State Minister MA Mannan and plead to speak for UN intergovernmental tax body to stop illicit flow.

Bangladeshi CSO along with Tove Ryding of Eurodad meet the full delegation team of Bangladesh yesterday at the sideline of opening plenary and different side events and requested them to raise demand for intergovernmental UN tax body, sustainable international debt management framework, and inclusion of CBDR (Common But Differentiate Responsibilities) principles in the outcome documents.

Today in an official roundtable renowned economist Mr. Joseph Stiglitz placed his analysis on why the international legal regime in respect of tax and debt management is needed for the sake of people interest and to achieve Post 2015 SDG (sustainable development goals) agenda. He also said that the over influence of some of IFI (international financial institutions) and some of the influential developed countries should be eliminated. He mentioned that this demand is imperative as countries economy is getting more and more integrated to international market and to avoid Greece crisis there must be sovereign and responsible lending and borrowing mechanism.

South African representative spoke on behalf of G77 plus China at the negotiating group today in the official round table. He reiterated the group position on inclusion of CBDR principles in the outcome documents, international cooperation and tax bodies to stop illicit flow, intellectual property right issue, rights of developing countries in proposed technology facilitation mechanism and sustainable debt management mechanism. He uttered to include these in the outcome document and agreements of the conference.

The rumor in the corridor says, India and Brazil has taken strong position in favor of G77 and China while EU (European Union) is partially supporting the demand of International Tax Body except UK and USA who are opposing this along with the other developing country demands.

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