Career report shows good sign of Bangladeshi job market

Career report NGO News Desk ::, the fastest growing career portal in Bangladesh, has recently released its first Career Report, an in-depth quarterly analysis of the labor market environment in the country. The first report unveils the growing potential of the educational and training sector in Bangladesh.

The data, assembled by monitoring the traffic and activities of over the months of April, May and June 2016, reveals an increasing number of job opportunities offered by educational and training institutions in the country. “While the Manufacturing industry is still leading the market, we are starting to identify other industries and job categories that are playing an important role in employment in Bangladesh.” says Devendra Singh, Country Manager at everjobs Bangladesh.

“A good sign of diversification of economy drivers in the country”. However, the report also reveals that while more and more job opportunities are available within the educational sector, job seekers still prefer to apply for professional offers related to IT, Sales & Marketing and Engineering.

“There is a considerable gap between what companies are offering and what job seekers are willing to work in” adds Devendra, “the challenge now lies in finding a way to increase the interest of all those raising industries among the job seekers that are about to enter the professional world.” everjobs Bangladesh intends to circulate the Career Report to employers and job seekers on a quarterly basis.

It focuses on the industries and job categories of highest demand in Bangladesh, the skills most needed in the country and even the locations with the most job listings available. With job seekers and employers receiving this report, everjobs Bangladesh hopes to increase awareness to fields that weren’t necessarily considered before as it’s really important to know the job-rich path that are available.

“The goal of this career report is to share some of the interesting and useful data that is generated from our career platform with corporate recruiters. The report helps recruiters keep track of the latest developments in Bangladesh’s job market.” says Gijs Verheijke, CEO of everjobs Asia.

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