Grameen Bank in Fortune Magazine’s Global List

Grameen bank fortune magazine NGO News Report :: Grameen Bank in Fortune Magazine’s Global List. Grameen Bank has been ranked 12th position on Fortune’s Change the World List which is the recognition for creating new economic opportunities for those in poverty and bringing unbanked peopled under financial service.

Fortune announced its inaugural Change the World list, a ranking of 51 companies that have made an impact on major global social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy. For the first time, the magazine’s “Change the World” list is ranking companies not by the dollars they make, but the good they are doing.

According to the World Bank, globally, microfinance accounts for at least $60 billion in loans annually and has reached 135 million people. This is the first list of its kind in which companies are recognized—and competitively ranked—on business innovations that positively impact pressing social and environmental issues.

Danone, one of the social business partners of Grameen ranked 14th position on Fortune’s Change the World List as a brand offering products that address poor nutrition. Grameen and Danone Group went into a joint venture to create a yogurt fortified with micro-nutrients to decrease malnutrition for the children of Bangladesh in 2005

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