Struggling life-story of Tahsina

Rakib Hossain :: Today I will share with you a struggling life story of Tahsina. And I will ask you to help the Needy Charitable trust change the life of Tahsina. Tahsina Akter Borsha became orphan two years ago, she studies in class five. Rina Begum, Tahsina’s mother had to bear indescribable sufferings to bring up her children as a single Parent. Rina Begum has a son who was also supposed to take all family responsibility over his father’s passed away, but unfortunately he is suffering from mental disorder.

Tahsina’s father was a trader of cow at the local market. In a business day, he makes a great loss in his business which cased of selling off their cultivable land, after that he remained sick, after three month sufferings Tofazzal Mridha father of Tahsina passed away, Tahsina’s mother had made a big loan for her father’s treatment. To repay the loan she was bound to sell their only asset home. Now their lives in their uncle’s home.

After the great shock, the family without an income survived on handouts and sympathy. Tahsina had no future and getting an education was beyond question. Whilst Tahsina under Help the needy charitable trust orphan sponsorship program, Tahsina is able to provide all the necessities that Tahsina’s mother once struggled to provide.

Tahsina making good progress in her study, now she has high hope to be a teacher in the future. Your generous sponsorship helps Tahsina’s education, clothing, food and health care. Tahsina and her mother’s life turned around from misery to one of hope and aspiration, all of which has been made possible with a regular support from Tahsina’s sponsor. The family grateful and thanks to help the needy charitable trust and RAF for such great and magnanimous initiative

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